Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mysterious Smell

For the past 3 weeks a horrendous smell has been winding it's way out of the bath plug hole after every use.  It smells like an old town skip that's had nothing but cabbage, cat litter and grease throw into it.  The bath is an oddity, only the cold tap works - it's been like that ever since we moved in five years ago - so we only ever shower, the head of which looms above the bath.  Ironically the shower is forever hot, apart from when it's scalding hot.  At this point we gingerly flick the plug switch for a cold shower. 

DID YOU SAY PLUG SWITCH??  Yes, the shower is beautifully plugged into the socket above the sink.  We tend to shower whilst wearing rubber.  A few years ago I discussed the dilemma with our landlord, I explained that the fuse kept blowing, that it was dangerous, that there was a brilliant possibility of us electrocuting ourselves....he raised an eyebrow and said all women should only ever shower for 30 seconds.  We left it at that.

Having discussed the smell of the plug hole with a friend she said Jeyes cleaning fluid would swiftly devour whatever is was that had died in the depths of our plug hole.  Jeyes fluid was nowhere to be found.  Instead a friend's elderly mother recommended tipping into the hole, half a cup of baking powder followed by a cup of white vinegar.  You must immediately block up the bath overflow and replace the plug.  Leave for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes pour in boiling water and replace the plug. 

I did all of the above to perfection.  However the baking powder wouldn't pour properly, the vinegar on contact with the powder bubbled, the plug was too small, scraps of newspaper dangled out of the holes in the overflow and I raced off to collect the kettle.  Half a litre of boiling water later and I expected the bath to explode.  It didn't and for the past 3 hours I've felt a little short changed.

Chris has no knowledge of what I've done hence I'm waiting for him to be the first to test it out.  He may never make it out of the bathroom alive, in which case this could throw the problem regarding the smell right out of the water!?!

Our electrifying shower - rubber boots optional

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