Monday, May 28, 2012

Rum & Raisin

Cadbury's Rum & Raisin - a chocolate bar that can be considered a meal and a drink...non?  

Chris gets back tomorrow after spending two weeks in Murchison.....I reckon he'll be amazed at what his son's now doing - walking like a jolly sailor, flashing his toothy grin, waving at the moon - and by what passes as a meal these days.

Footnote - before you ring social services I'd like to confirm that Leo eats healthy and nutritional meals that are ridiculously fresh and pretty delicious.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our next door neighbour roared those very words this afternoon when he arrived home to find his security guard sat up a mango tree eating the ripe fruit!

A quick scuffle ensued whereupon the neighbour (a large Ugandan man) slapped the guard around the face demanding to know why he wasn't doing his job properly?  He expected him to be guarding his house, patrolling the garden or opening the gates when he honked his horn, NOT lazing around eating HIS mangoes. 

He shouted that he was a thief so the security guard cocked his gun.......ohhhhhhh yes sirrreee, it all goes on in our neighbourhood!!

The neighbour told him not to be so stupid and moved the gun out of the way.  At this point a couple of security guards who were passing (as you can imagine a large crowd had gathered outside the driveway) strode in, grabbed the young guy by the arm and shoved him onto the road telling him to go home.

Haven't a clue what happened next as Leo and I casually moved away from the hedge and went inside to eat mangoes biscuits ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Love US

After we lost Ella, Chris and I carefully created a playlist of music that captured every emotion and feeling we were enveloped in - words from songs that lifted our spirits, caused tears to run rivers, made us smile shyly and had us buried in the necks of one another.

We titled it Love US and on the evening of Ella's first anniversary it played through tiny speakers via the MP3 player on the bonnet of our car.  We drank the night away with friends on our piece of land on the river Nile and each song seemed to reflect our dreams and sadness perfectly.

Chris is away in Murchison and Leo is sleeping soundly in his room, splayed out under his mosquito net like a 1 year old whose spent the whole day on the go-go-go.  And whilst the tiny and noisy insects sing their night chorus I've got Love US playing in the background. 

Even now it remains a beautiful album for the soul.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We got back from Murchison yesterday evening all tired, grubby and happy.  Leo had an incredible trip and was walking on his own like an East End barrow boy throughout the bar, elephant grass and over pebbles.  We took him on a game drive and he promptly fell asleep but woke later to see giraffe, warthog and buffalo.  He pointed to the buffalo and made the noise, 'moooooo'.  Kinda right.

Our electricity went out earlier so I'm using the inverter to stay online but the laptop battery is fading fast.  The photo below was taken late on Saturday afternoon after we cleared a bank of vegetation that was strangling trees and blocking the view across the Nile and into the National Park.  A troop of Vervet monkey's came to investigate and to catch insects.  Leo dragged Chris off to check some of them out. 

That'll be the Vervet's ignoring those two then.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poker Face

Early tomorrow morning we're leaving for Murchison.  We're not close to having packed a thing for ourselves but the old 'hunk of junk' cruiser is laden down with wooden planks, food supplies, building materials, plants and young trees.  We should be sorting things into bags right this minute, but Chris has nipped off to play POKER!?  YES, YOU DID READ THAT CORRECTLY!   The last time Leo and I did this journey it was Christmas and he was just nine months old.  It was daunting then, but in retrospect, nit-picking easy because he was little, quiet (ish) and barely moving anything more than his chubby arms.  Now he's charging around on two feet, roaring like a lion, is suddenly picky about food (one track sausage mind) and absolutely hates to wear a hat.  So here I am at 9:30pm on a Thursday night with a husband on the town wearing his poker face and me slinging all manner of things into a bag.....oh yeah, you can bet your bottom dollar whose grubby bag I'm not packing ;)