Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Leo rocks 18 weeks

Leo turns 18 weeks today and every day spent with him is a gift.  He amazes, delights and inspires.  He's nosy, noisy and chatty.  His eyes are huge, drinking in the world around him.  We see small changes in him almost daily and we continue to pinch ourselves that he's here.  Chris says it's due to my magic tummy, I think it was a case of two special sparks meeting in the right place at the right time ;) 

I watch Leo and wonder quietly what Ella would have been like.  Would she have had his nose, his lack of eyebrows, his rotund tummy, his perfect fingers and toes, his wide and beautiful smile, his angry shrieking, his fist into mouth stuffing, his wispy hair, his creased brow, his larger than life heart, his magnetic behaviour, his to-die-for giggle? 

Yes she would have had bits of him, but Leo is his own incredible person, just as his sister would have been, and my heart explodes with love for them both. 


Amelia said...

Oh my god he gorgeous. Thinking of all 4 of you.

Ggirl said...

Xxxx Loving your comment, thank you hugely.

Alisa and Crowells said...

Look at those big, bright blue eyes! He will definitely be a heart-breaker.
The "Leo" picture with the lion is awesome! Did you do that with sparklers and a slow shutter? Very cool.

Ggirl said...

Hi Alisa, hope the family are all well and you had a lovely time at home. A couple of friends did the 'Leo' picture. You're right, it was a really slow shutter speed and they used a torch. The photos were taken separately then merged together on the computer - this is something you could do with your eyes shut! Xx