Sunday, July 29, 2012

Behind every successful man...

I'm not sure I remember what my husband actually looks like these days.  He's been away for so long I dare say if he walked in the house right now I'd snap my head back and shout, 'who the hell are you, get out'!  We knew it would be difficult juggling everything during the busy season, but neither of us ever imagined that the lodge (something that was once a pipe dream) would be this busy so quickly.  Having our own business coupled with our baby boy is overwhelming, exhausting, exhilarating and joyous, but the flip side is family time plays like a game of cat and mouse.  When we're together there just never seems to be enough time to sit back and reflect on what we've done over the last two crazy years.  We still have a frightening long way to go, but how, against some truly crappy odds, we've managed to get this far continues to surprise me.

Chris is in Murchison, located 8 hours away from where Leo and I are in Jinja.  It's not wildly far, but without internet access and only a sketchy mobile phone reception he's missing out on the incredible daily changes happening with our son.  Leo is babbling like a brook, excitable words bouncing out of his determined 16 month old mouth; bu (bird) ba (ball) duggah duggah (dog) brrrrrrm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrm (car/moped/truck) baby (head cocked to one side and said everso quietly) kiiiiin (chicken) mamamaa, daddda, fluuuwr (flower) Bo (the dog) OUT and his favourite of all, no, no, no, noooooooo.  He has a habit of thrusting his head forward and grinning broadly like a Cheshire cat when I'm doing work on the computer but I can't get enough of him, unless like today when it rained so heavily he shot outside and rolled around in the mud like a dog.

I text Chris the other night, 'behind every successful man is an even greater woman exhausted woman'.  Fortunately he knows which side his bread is buttered, replying that he was exhausted having watched me get him there.  High sarcasm indeed.

Come home soon Mr......we miss you madly.

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anymommy said...

You truly amaze me. To a wonderously successful season and a quiet off-season with your family together.