Friday, March 29, 2013

Nearly two baby

Our office floor is full of inflated red and yellow balloons bobbing along like a line of fat ducks.  Out of breath and feeling light headed Chris and I are sat in chairs sipping on rum and cokes recalling how one so little has changed our life.

Tomorrow Leo turns two and my heart is fit to burst with love for the young Viking.  He fills each day with explosive noise, animated dancing, a bad arm slapping habit, chubby neck hugs, incredible words, daft sentences, exhausting 5th gear action and constant wide-eyed world wonder.

His hair remains dirty blond and twists in soft curls at the nape of his neck and those eyes, defiant in their 'ask a million questions' and 'demand a million answers' haunt me.  We squeeze him into t-shirts that now fall over his less-than-before Buddha tummy and hold our breath as he screams around the veranda on his wonky scooter bare foot and bare chested.

Leo Phoenix Higginson you are a force to be reckoned with - the fire in our soul, the roar of rain that comes before the storm, the forever changing landscape of the African plains and the burning sun that seals its mark on tender hearts.  You are life in the truest sense of the word and the most beautiful boy to ever rock our world.

Happy Birthday you warrior.

We love you, simply, purely and completely.


Anonymous said...

Whatever else may come, right there is the way to extract hope & seek solace. ~Mary

anymommy said...

Happy birth day, Georgiegirl. I love you, and Chris and Leo fiercely.

Alisa and Crowells said...

So beautifully and tenderly written. You always word things so well. Happiest Birthday, Leo!