Friday, May 10, 2013

Who knows how old I am!?

Today I got woken up by Leo holding a shiny 'BALLOOOOOOON' against my sleep creased face.  I had porridge for breakfast (I never have that) took Leo on his first ever train trip, drove two naughty kids around town and weirdly thought I was turning 38 only to be rudely told otherwise.  I met up with great friends and their crazy kids for sundowners by the yacht pond, shared a delicious cake made by my sister, saw my nephew eat a candle, knocked back several glasses of Prosecco, hugged lots of sticky faces and gave Chris a big fat kiss when he strode in through the front door. 

I love my family and adore my friends the world over.  But it's the friends who have been with you since the beginning of time that can tell you like it is and make you roar with crackling laughter at the stupid, the great and the downright ugly.  Honesty breeds love like nothing else.  I've needed this, I've needed to let loose the raw love inside and be nourished by the ridiculous and the beautiful moments these last two weeks have given me.  And through the eyes of Leo it doesn't get any better, 'TRACTOR OVER THE FIELD.  YESSSS MUMMA, THAT ONE!!!!  THE RED ONE!!!'  In a word.  STOP.

The weather today was skittish, but the clouds eventually cleared in time for us to watch 11 dirty kids roll down a bank of tufty grass and loose a boat on the pond.  The river sparkled a bit and I thought of Ella.  She was there in the wispy ends of a dusky evening as her little brother held on tightly to the hands of the older girls.  He is like his father in many ways.  Simply I've had a birthday to remember including wonderful messages via every bit of social media I can bear to check - the internet's too quick here - but it's been cool turning 39 and to bring the night to a close Chris and I are listening to a new muscial find, Seasick Steve. 

Check him oooooooot, he's bloody great. 


Anonymous said...

8 or 9 Semantics. Happy Birthday.

I love, very much love, that 2nd picture. ~Mary

trish dahl said...

I wonder how many people dont tell you just how much joy they feel with you in the good things , and how much pain they share with you when the tough times roll...anyway i just needed to say that im reading , sharing , hoping , loving you across the keyboard ..... thank you for sharing your beautiful soul you brave , generous lady xxx