Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thankful for kind words

Back in October 2013 when I mentioned that a friend suggested I should stop coming here to write about the loss of Ella, I received two days later the below message via facebook. 

It was sent to me by someone I know not well, but well enough to appreciate that she is a gifted, beautiful and intelligent woman who is a devoted mother and wife.  Her words continue to resonate with me and I am often caught thinking about her, her family and what she went through to bring her own little boy into this world. 

I wrote the post, According to African Legend because a dear friend had suffered a further miscarriage and I hoped, if she read it, it would provide her with a small window of courage and hope.  Little did I know it would also strike a chord with another friend too.  I remain humbled that she wrote to me and thrilled that she did.

Sometimes it feels like I'm writing into the void, the internet can be a strange place, but when the void catches and hooks certain words and stories and places them into the hearts of others....well it's a magic (you coined it Stacey Conner in the comments section of Three Is The Magic Number) that shouldn't be stopped. 


30th October 2013

Hi Georgie,

This is probably completely random and out of the blue, but I have thought of writing you many times and haven't... for fear of expressing myself incorrectly, saying the wrong thing, or simply the fact that I barely know you…

We shared a weekend of crazy and wonderful horse galloping and swimming a hundred years ago and I loved it. I really enjoyed spending time with you, and am so glad we’ve stayed in touch (through the crazy world of facebook) these past few years…

Your latest blog post made me shelf all my hesitation and decide to write you and tell you that I hope you keep writing… You are a beautiful writer, and the strength, courage and vulnerability that is in your blog is stunning. Simply stunning. It is also giving support and encouragement more than you know.

During my pregnancy, I wanted to write to you… I was in Ivory Coast and got very sick – I was hospitalized for five days, and was uncertain as to whether or not my baby would be ok. Throughout that time, I was terrified, but I also thought of you and found strength and encouragement in your blog. Many times throughout my pregnancy, especially during those five days, and the time a couple months later that I started bleeding and didn’t know why, I went back and read your blog post that really stuck with me (April 28, 2012 - According to African Legend). It provided strength, and comfort during a time when I was very afraid. 

If you decide to stop writing, that is of course entirely up to you and it will be supported and respected. But, I just wanted to write after all this time to say to you that I am very grateful, that your words meant a lot to me, and that I respect you enormously.




Aurelia said...

I read here. I got here through Glow, or LFCA, when we lost our baby girl about 19 months ago. I value your posts and have been grateful to read them. It is funny to put all this personal stuff out into the world. I do it myself and I wonder where it goes. I know how helpful it has been for me to read the stories of others, and how helpful it it has been for me to share my story.

Lots of good wishes to you. Hope all is well!

Ggirl said...

Thank you for your kind words. You're right, it is strange to write into the unknown but as we've realised it helps by bringing people's incredible stories to light. Sending strength and hope to you and your loving family.