Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Me old china'

Urban Dictionary - 'Me old china'.
Cockney rhyming slang when referring to a mate, as in plate; china plate, mate...
Used more back in the day by people from the East of London  "How ya doin' me old china?"


Chris is in country for a visit.  YAY and a bloody exhausting DOUBLE YAY!  He arrived a week ago after a flight delay of 50 or so hours.  My sympathies were limited.....try flying solo for 9 hours with a kid who has a chipped tooth and a bleeding mouth daddy-o.

Prior to his arrival Leo and I were chatting and he was shouting about his 'willy, bum, bum' and pointing to bits of his body - tummy, elbow, bum, toes, willy, hands..... he then went through the names of the men and the boys in his life who have a willy.

Eventually tired of willies he asked me what I have.  When presented with this question in the past I've never been quite sure what to call a vagina (fu/fu, mary, fanny - to name but a few) but this time I thought it right to be sensible and call it what it is.  'It's called a vagina Leo'.  He looked mystified and changed the subject to trains and trucks.

However the other morning as Chris and Leo were getting dressed I passed the bedroom door to hear Leo again, he was listing everyone he knew with a willy. He then announced at high volume, 'daddy, mummy doesn't have a willy'.  'That's right,' said Chris, 'she doesn't'.  'No daddy, my mummy has a china'.

The kid called it ;)