Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Run like a girl"

Maybe it's because I'm jammed full of pregnancy hormones, maybe it's because we've found out that we're expecting a girl, or maybe it's simply a powerful message directed in a great way...?

Whatever the reason the new 'Always' advert is making me cry every single time.  No wonder it has gone viral.

"Run like a girl"


Amelia said...

I am so in love with it. All I see is G, running her little ass off, look of determination on her face.

Ggirl said...

I love that you can see G in this advert, and I guess reflections of ourselves at that young age. It has made me think on so many levels and that's crazy for a brand that primarily promotes sanitary pads!?! And I do laugh loudly when the bloke does the 'fight like a girl' bit - that's always going to get a snort!

Anonymous said...

It will not surprise you that I do not have a huge optimistic steak in my nature, but this baby is working on that for me :). ~Mary