Monday, September 22, 2014

Time flying by

It's over ten weeks since India rocketed into our lives.  Ten weeks of having her wriggle, squirm, screech, belch, wail, murmur, nuzzle, fart, roar, snuffle, burp, snuggle, yell, cough, scream, hiccup.

Unlike Leo she has been the complete opposite of a chilled out feeding and sleeping machine. She has fed quickly, fed slowly, swallowed bubbles of air, cried in agonising pain, slept fitfully, slept heavily, embraced life, ignored life, slept with one eye open, slept with mouth ajar, slept not at all.  She's had me worried, had me crying, had me make quick decisions about her health and had me clutch her hard to let her know how much we love her.

But with each dark night passed we've crept closer to the sunshine.  She's getting stronger and gaining weight and with this growth comes happiness.  She's settling into her skin and gradually starting to gaze at the bright world around her.  Last Tuesday I scrambled our gear together and had her weighed at the local clinic.  She tipped the scales at 9lbs 14oz.  Her face is more moon-like than mouse-like and her bottom gently rounded - unlike at the beginning when it was flat, like a small pancake.

Ten weeks and 2 days old today.  It's going so quickly, slow down baby.


Anonymous said...

Overall, Happiness.

anymommy said...

They all go too quickly. I always have you and your baby girl in the back of my mind. xo.