Friday, November 21, 2014

Big day for my big boy

I'm sitting here with a warming beer feeling grateful and thankful.

Chris is back tomorrow from a 4 day trip to Murchison so I've been flying solo at the house with India and Leo.  It's been a huge learning curve with two, but we've slipped into a rhythm and it's been magic to spend some family time with them on my own (though bath time/story time/feed time continues to be stress overload as I try to shove them under their mosquito nets and into bed by 7pm).

Also the reason today has been so memorable is that Leo finally did a 'poo on the loo'.  This massive achievement has been a long time coming.  Upon reflection his life has been flipped upside down in so many ways during the last 10 months (coupled with his fear of the plopping noise a poo would make) I'm surprised it's happened at all.

But earlier this afternoon after 55 long exhausting minutes of him wriggling about on the loo we locked eyes and he finally believed me when I told him it would be ok.  With much encouragement he released his bottom (to the sound of a plop) and the look of euphoria on his face, followed by him shouting, 'YES, YES, this is my most favourite day!!!' was a sight to behold.

Telling his sister all about it.

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