Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grow baby, grow

I see my body changing shape rapidly and feel the baby within grow, wriggle and twist with the effort of moving - like a fish beneath the waves.  My hand instinctively reaches around my stomach to hold, rub and caress the skin that is stretched like a drum. 

In the quiet moments of an afternoon, or late into the night I continue to pinch myself at the miracle growing within my womb with the veins darkening around my abdomen.  A miracle I was told was unlikely to ever happen without medical intervention. 

Grow baby, grow and with it bang go my feet!

32 weeks and 5 days


anymommy said...

Love it. Grow baby! We're down to weeks to go now.

G said...

I feel you there Conner, perfectly settled on my shoulder! Wish I could whisk you over XX