Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Shaped Peg

I've just been on the phone to Chris, he's at a friends wedding on the banks of the river Nile in Uganda and his visit to the UK now seems short and fleeting.  He flew back on Thursday night and by all accounts turned up at the reception this afternoon wearing a shirt and one of my sarongs - I dare not think about what he had on underneath!?! 

It was a day of calls. I spoke with my great friend Nat, she was tipsy and we were shouting down our mobiles at how much we were missing each other.  She described the setting sun and how misty eyed she'd become when the vows were read and that our god-daughter Kya looked gorgeous as a flower girl.  My talented friend Jackie took charge of the catering and spent most of the previous night sending me priceless texts about how stressed she was and that she wished I was there - I was plenty glad about being on a different continent, she'd have got me involved and I would have ruined everything!  Speaking with her earlier she had successfully pulled it out of the bag with rum tortes, pastries and other delicious delicacies and between you and me it's only a matter of time before she's on her way to a cookery book launch in Kampala.   

Chris was stalked by Chloe and Courtney who spoke lovingly down the phone and made my heart gladden.  My friend Trish filled me in on recent news and asked after the baby - she understands, she knows.  I spoke briefly with the the beautiful bride, Bryony, and wished her all the happiness in the world for a wonderful future with her husband Budge (I still can't remember his real name).  Justin called and waffled like a drunk man - funny and incomprehensible he told me how he hoped to pick someone (anyone) up tonight - big, fat chance of that when he can barely walk.  It's times like this, an occasion of happiness and love, when I'm reminded of the vast distance between the UK and Uganda and our friends that I miss there, but especially I miss the father of my baby whose busy little feet are hooked up under my ribcage causing me a moment of wincing pain. 

Before Chris left this week we lay and spoke of the growing baby actively rolling from side to side within my womb.  We spoke of Ella and of the gaping hole she left behind and of the hope we now feel within.....he whispered gently, 'you must believe, we've got another heart shaped peg for the heart shaped hole'.  And he's right, we have.

Weddings, births, death and life.  It's truly a colourful circle and no matter what we do it's one that will forever keep on turning.

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