Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miss Tin Tin

A dreamy image of our baby taken at the hospital on Wednesday. 

35 weeks and 1 day old. 

He looks like a sleeping angel awash with water and enveloped with cushions.  I showed the picture to my mum, she was convinced she could make out his bottom.........I soon pointed out it was a head shot (not in profile, just face on - eyes, nose, lips and hand).

Baby, baby, baby measured in fine.  My fighting weight and blood pressure was fine.  Baby has hair (it looked like there was at least a single strand).  Baby wriggled, baby yawned and I fidgeted with delight as my sister rubbed my toes.  This was the first time I'd seen an image that hadn't resembled a jellyfish.  I was instantly in awe.

We met with my consultant soon after and questions were answered.  I was advised of the pros and cons of having a c-section and that for me there's a high risk the placenta wont come away intact due to the surgery I had last year to remove the Asherman's scarring.  Brilliant, it's good to have something else to look forward to.

It was suggested the stitch in my cervix would be taken out in a few months time, but as my face resembled Edvard Munch's 'The Scream', it was quickly agreed it could be removed at the same time as having the c-section.  A big sigh of relief could be heard in France as my lungs exhaled across the room.

Lastly (and with much excitement) I was given a date for our baby to be born on.  It's such a strange feeling to be given an actual date - like being given the winning lottery ticket (not that I've ever won more than a fiver).  An office diary was lugged across the table and pages were flicked through.

Consultant - How about the 1st April?
Me - (nervous laughter that sounded like gun shot) Seriously?
Consultant - Yes
Me - I shouldn't be superstitious, but today I am.
My sister - hahhahahahhaaaahahahhahahahahahaha.
Consultant - hahahahahahahaaaaa.
Me - (dear god, please...please let there be another date available and stop the mad people from laughing).

The 4th April was suggested and then the pages were turned again, only this time backwards.

Consultant - How about Wednesday 30th March?
Me - Sounds perfect.  An Aries baby.
My sister - (in a slight whisper) It's the day before my birthday!
Me - hahahahhahahahaaaa, yep it is!

My consultant (Miss Winky) probably wont be performing the operation herself, but she will be close at hand and in hospital on the day.  It will be either one of her colleagues, Mr Sellars, or Miss Tin Tin.

I'm wondering if there's going to be a Mr Kermit or Miss Daffy Duck included in the hospital lineup? 

In 25 days time we'll know for sure.

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anymommy said...

You realize that March is my birth month as well, right? ;-)

AHHHHHHHHH!! Days! We are down to days. Love you. I can't wait to meet him.