Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pop went the mango

Three days ago I noticed a little spot on Leo's chest. 

The spot looked like a third nipple - which wouldn't be a surprise seeing that Chris sports a discreet third one (at a friend's wedding once the seating plan had Scaramanga written in big letters just.for.him).

Then upon yesterday's inspection the spot looked a bit angrier, so I dotted on some savlon and expected it to fade away.  It didn't.

I checked this morning and although the skin remained red, the head of the spot was a little pointier and darker.  Before Chris left for Kampala I asked if he thought if could be anything other than a spot?  He was really helpful, said he wasn't sure, then jumped in the car and buggered off.

Typically Leo wasn't bothered, but by lunchtime I'd had enough so asked Madrin (our cleaner) what she thought?  Her reply, 'there's something alive in there,' made me run my hands through my hair a million times.

So I sat on the back steps in the blazing sun and held Leo's arms as Madrin used a hankerchief to squeeze the pointy spot.  Squeeze she did and out popped a wriggly mango worm which I quickly and manically rubbed to death with a stone.

Leo barely made a sound and as I stared at the hole in his chest he shoved me away before charging off across the garden, spot free, mango free, born free :)


Amelia said...

And then I decided I will never visit you I'm so sorry the end.


Anonymous said...

Ackkkkkkkk. But the kid will live quite a storied life. Which counts for something.

anymommy said...

And then I died of horror. You are a brave, wonderful momma, GG.

Ggirl said...

I've been checking my own limbs and torso pretty regularly in light of any infestation - our dog once had 80 of them covering her body - GAG. We're all clear for now ;)