Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8th Wonder of the World

Waves of emotion crash through my being - happiness, wonder, shock, amazement, tears.  I sit and stare at our baby, lost in the moment.  How quickly things change - one minute you're pregnant, the next you have a baby.  Like smoke through a keyhole the last 2 weeks have slipped by us and we're suddenly aware of how children really are a barometer of time and how powerless we are to stop it.

Leo, Leo, Leo.  To type his name, to speak his name and to write his name is such a novelty, such a feeling - it's surreal.  Chris sits with him cradled in his arms as I tap away on our new laptop.  The cottage we're renting is like a sanctuary, it's quiet with huge windows that encourage the light to flood in and there are goats in a large pen grazing and leaping about behind the property.  I kid (hahahaha) you not!

It's taken over a week, but I'm no longer crying everytime I touch my son's perfectly small hands, feet and head.  His outer ear canal has a beautiful love heart shape to it.  His pearl finger nails are like tiny razors which I've tried to nibble flat.  His toes splay out like a frogs - sadly like mine.  His cupid's bow is gorgeously peaked and his dark blue eyes drift dreamily across our faces as we hold him close.

Leo Phoenix Higginson, The Eighth Wonder of the World. 

He completes our world and may he spin it forever.


Amelia said...

So happy to read your joy.

Ggirl said...

Ameila thank you! My head's spinning with joy, though my body's saying bed.. ;)

anymommy said...

Bed is good. Overwhelmed with happiness for your sweet family.

Carole said...

So very very happy for you , Georgie .
Leo is just perfect .
All three of you in my thoughts .