Friday, April 22, 2011

Snatching zzzzzzzzzzz's

I just mentioned to Chris that with Leo asleep in his pram I might nip off for a snooze - I'm grasping at any opportunity to throw myself on a pillow with wild abandon.

Chris has replied, 'yeah, it would be nice for us to both snooze in bed together...come on'. 

I've given him 'the look', because quite honestly, NO IT WOULDN'T

The thought of having a big bed to myself, however fleeting, is enough to make me cry.  There's no way I'm sharing it with a man who sleeps like the dead during the twlight hours of feeding a tiny baby and acknowledges my fumblings and yelps of sore boobs with a snore.

In the time it's taken for me to type this post he's nodded off on the sofa.  Both men in my life asleep.  Holy cow. 

I'M OFF TO BED......shhhhhhhhhhhhhsh.

The sleeping lion

The husband who thought I was being mean - then he passed out!


Amelia said...

It is so seriously not mean. GO FOR IT!!

Ggirl said...

Amelia you're so right - even though it was a nano second of sleep it made all the difference having the bed to myself!

Kelly Normal said...

My husband is very tall and he sort of spreads out in the bed and takes up all the space. And then he snores and smacks his lips and chews on his teeth and I make it a point to NOT KILL HIM. Gah.