Thursday, April 21, 2011

Multitasking - taken to another level

Before having a baby multitasking is a skill I thought I had in truck loads.  I now realise I knew nothing and that this is only the beginning (thank god Chris has been chained to my side throughout the below)!

Breast feeding whilst writing thank you cards, bringing pasta to the boil, nappy changing, food shopping, entertaining small people, big people and lots of happy people. 

Holding the baby whilst filling mugs with strong tea, making a light lunch, draining the rice and hanging washing on the line via tippy toes. 

Fumbling for glasses in the middle of the night whilst dodging a stream of projectile vomit.  Winding the baby coupled with eating a banana and cleaning the bath. 

Chatting with Chris as the brain computes the days, hours and minutes of baby sleeping.  Taking phone calls, sending texts and checking emails.  Juggling work stuff and juggling nipple pads.

Crying with love, frustration, lack of humour, sleep deprivation and relief. It's called emotional multi-tasking and I'm crap at it.

Gentle walking, strolling and enjoying the sunshine with family, friends, niece and nephew.  All of this with Leo strapped, held or pushed in a pram = contentment and laughter.

First time mothers, mothers who are long in the tooth, mothers with more than double the trouble on the child richter scale, I (and Chris) salute you.

Errrrr, no wonder I can multi-task so well - have you seen the size of my hands...!??!?

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