Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lady lumps...!

Couldn't resist putting up this text message from Chris (I've taken it down exactly - I love it, but he knows it will have slightly irked me due to the lazy abbreviations he uses ;)

Think im gunna be in bed in 1 hour dreaming of yr lovely lady lumps.  Wud much rather be drinking beam and listening 2 loud music with u at home til 2.  Cant wait 2 cu.  Please make sure u have given up work by the time im there Xxx

My husband, he's full of the cheeky charm! 

I had to remind him that gone are the days of playing music ridiculously loudly whilst sat in the porch on a warm and balmy night throwing back Jim Beams and coke into the small hours.  How this dream now plagues my inner lush.

Lady lumps.  I'm one whole large lump right now and he'll be blinded when he sees me in nine days time and I just can't wait for that surprised look on his handsome face!!

Rock star party March 2010....inner lush released, for possibly the last time ever!?

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