Friday, January 7, 2011

Out With The Old...

Last weekend Christmas was wrapped up and folded away for another year. The baubles were carefully stacked in a cardboard box and taken down into the cellar. The twinkling fairy lights, carefully at first, were eventually tugged off the Christmas tree along with the strange looking fairy who'd spent most of the time slumped atop in a 'jaunty manner' with her dishevelled hair, plump legs and funny crown (we've been told she can never be replaced as she cost a bomb). All were gently placed in a bag and put 'somewhere safe'.

Cards full of festive greetings, kind words and best wishes for the New Year still hang off the ribbon stretched around the ceiling in the kitchen. They too will go once someone remembers to bring in the step ladder. Themed clothing (like my woollen snowman jumper/dress that no one likes) and a couple of scary gifts (that I dare not dispose of) have been put aside for the local charity shop. The glade scented candle, chocolate and honey no less, will bring immense joy to someone with zero nose lining, because at the moment with my heightened sense of smell it's about to tip me over the edge.

Resolutions have been spoken about with huge enthusiasm and my great friend Lesley has inspired me with hers - though there's no way I'd accompany her up Kilimanjaro in April whether I was pregnant or not. Friends seem to be shelving old habits whilst creating new and challenging ones that have kept me wondering about my own. Needless to say I spent much of this week at work racking my brain about how I can do this, how I could do that and ended up feeling frustrated and annoyed by my lack of imagination. I think it's safe to say that carrying a baby has thwarted any attempt at remembering to pick up my wallet let alone trying to use the words creative and inspirational in the same sentence. This much I know, I am doomed never to play a musical instrument.

Though there was one huge thing I observed over the holiday season that I hope to retain and take with me into the New Year and beyond and that was one of renewed respect. Respect for family and friends and the love that they bring - it didn't go unnoticed, they brought it through the door and via the computer in bucket loads. I hadn't spent Christmas at home for several years and I drank it all in. I watched with complete admiration as my mum created amazing culinary dishes, fixed lunch at the drop of a hat, juggled grandchildren and animals with ease and joy and made everything look effortless. My sisters, along with husband and boyfriends, all took time from their busy lives (and flu death beds) to spend Boxing Day with us as a family. In his absence we held aloft a large photo of Chris driving a truck through Egypt taken 10 years ago as we sat around the table pulling crackers and eating leftovers.

Pod (our stepfather) made sure glasses were never empty and occasionally disappeared to have a quiet moment to himself - a man never happier than when his noisy family are gathered! Friends rang, friends came and stayed. I drank cups of tea til I was punch drunk and cuddled my cheeky niece and little nephew.  I read a vast pregnancy book of my cousins with my grandma whereupon she proceeded to tell me exactly how I should be feeling on each day of my pregnancy. I took time to walk the river to remember precious Ella whilst carrying the new life within.  I watched ET and saw Chinese lanterns float across the night sky with generous friends as we said goodbye to 2010 and welcomed in 2011. I spoke with Chris as often as was technically possible. He spent Christmas and New Year in Murchison overseeing the lodge construction which is continuing to tick along - though we may soon have to sell our kidneys to pay for the next phase. He had the company of some wonderful friends and although there's still a huge amount of much work to be done, I believe in him 100%.

So it's with love in my heart and a cherished amount of respect for mankind that I stride into 2011. Although it hasn't gone unnoticed there's very little striding to be had right now - at 26 weeks and 3 days pregnant I'm kind of strolling, if not creeping along and I feel like I've got a double decker bus up my jumper. Tragically my hair continues to resemble that of Jon Bon Jovi and Abby took great joy in saying today, 'what the hell's going on, it's enormous'. Out with the old and in with the doesn't bare thinking about, but I may just have to restyle my barnet into something respectfully glossy and shiny this month.  Now there's a thought.

Happy New Year to you all, may it be a wonderful one.

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