Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Romper Suits & A Plastic Stethoscope

Having begun to accept that things might just be going our way, it was with delight that I sat with my sister in her daughter’s bedroom the other night as she put together a pile of her son’s baby clothes she wanted me to have. She has starved off this moment until now as she knew it was too raw and didn’t want to tempt fate, but as my acceptance of this pregnancy emerges like sunshine on a rainy day she is grabbing every chance to spread her magic. Tiny and beautiful baby grows, romper suits and little t-shirts were carefully folded and placed on top of one another – they looked small enough to fit a doll.

We laughed as Rory, now 5 months, lay on the bedroom floor gurgling.  He was trying to hold himself up with his squishy arms, coupled with shoving the legs of a dodgy teething ring into his mouth, a look of sheer determination plastered across his little face. Grace kept racing in and out like some pumped up athlete, one minute she was stealing things from under her baby brother’s nose and the next demanding to listen to mine and my baby’s heartbeat with her plastic toy stethoscope. We agreed that baby’s heartbeat was sounding really great and that my layered tops were quite nice where they were – down over my stomach and not hitched up around my ears every 3 seconds.

It's with a big smile that my sister, in the absence of Chris, has started the wheels turning for the arrival of my baby and is on the verge of organising a list of the things she knows I’ll put off to the last moment, if I’ve thought of them at all. She’s our own inspirational mother to her children and one of the many wonderful women I will look to for advice and help in the coming months. She’s compassionate, strong, beautiful, selfless, full of bloody funny anecdotes and a fantastic parent. Though that’s not all, she’s got a filthy potty mouth, faints at the drop of a hat, has realised her cookery skills have gone to the dogs and cries at every episode of Grey’s Anatomy! A class act in every which way and a parent any child would be blessed to have.

Realistically I’ve a long way to go to fill those boots as a mother don’t chaknow.

Grace and Roaaaaaaaar-y

 And a bundle of teeny baby clothes :)

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