Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pumpin' Iron

A baby's lungs are the last vital organ to develop and with this in mind my consultant advised me to have a steroid injection to mature my baby's lungs in the event of him being born prematurely.

I had the injection before when I was in Uganda pregnant with Ella.  That time it was given to me in my rump, this time they suggested giving it to me in my leg.  So on Tuesday afternoon I received one hit in my right thigh and yesterday, 24 hours later, I returned for a second jab, this time in my left thigh.

The pain was minimal, just a stinging sensation and an attractive bruise to follow.  The drive home was the worst bit, especially on Tuesday when I had a dead leg and ended up roaring out of the hospital car park because I couldn't drag my foot off the accelerator!

My only worry now is the effect of the steroid.  Further hair growth coupled with pumpin' iron down at the local YMCA is a terrifying combination.

Yeah, imagine that surprise....having just eaten steak, chips, salad and mushrooms I should monitor the progress of my thighs as they begin to take on a life of their own!

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