Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our next door neighbour roared those very words this afternoon when he arrived home to find his security guard sat up a mango tree eating the ripe fruit!

A quick scuffle ensued whereupon the neighbour (a large Ugandan man) slapped the guard around the face demanding to know why he wasn't doing his job properly?  He expected him to be guarding his house, patrolling the garden or opening the gates when he honked his horn, NOT lazing around eating HIS mangoes. 

He shouted that he was a thief so the security guard cocked his gun.......ohhhhhhh yes sirrreee, it all goes on in our neighbourhood!!

The neighbour told him not to be so stupid and moved the gun out of the way.  At this point a couple of security guards who were passing (as you can imagine a large crowd had gathered outside the driveway) strode in, grabbed the young guy by the arm and shoved him onto the road telling him to go home.

Haven't a clue what happened next as Leo and I casually moved away from the hedge and went inside to eat mangoes biscuits ;)

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