Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We got back from Murchison yesterday evening all tired, grubby and happy.  Leo had an incredible trip and was walking on his own like an East End barrow boy throughout the bar, elephant grass and over pebbles.  We took him on a game drive and he promptly fell asleep but woke later to see giraffe, warthog and buffalo.  He pointed to the buffalo and made the noise, 'moooooo'.  Kinda right.

Our electricity went out earlier so I'm using the inverter to stay online but the laptop battery is fading fast.  The photo below was taken late on Saturday afternoon after we cleared a bank of vegetation that was strangling trees and blocking the view across the Nile and into the National Park.  A troop of Vervet monkey's came to investigate and to catch insects.  Leo dragged Chris off to check some of them out. 

That'll be the Vervet's ignoring those two then.

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