Monday, May 21, 2012

Love US

After we lost Ella, Chris and I carefully created a playlist of music that captured every emotion and feeling we were enveloped in - words from songs that lifted our spirits, caused tears to run rivers, made us smile shyly and had us buried in the necks of one another.

We titled it Love US and on the evening of Ella's first anniversary it played through tiny speakers via the MP3 player on the bonnet of our car.  We drank the night away with friends on our piece of land on the river Nile and each song seemed to reflect our dreams and sadness perfectly.

Chris is away in Murchison and Leo is sleeping soundly in his room, splayed out under his mosquito net like a 1 year old whose spent the whole day on the go-go-go.  And whilst the tiny and noisy insects sing their night chorus I've got Love US playing in the background. 

Even now it remains a beautiful album for the soul.

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