Monday, May 28, 2012

Rum & Raisin

Cadbury's Rum & Raisin - a chocolate bar that can be considered a meal and a drink...non?  

Chris gets back tomorrow after spending two weeks in Murchison.....I reckon he'll be amazed at what his son's now doing - walking like a jolly sailor, flashing his toothy grin, waving at the moon - and by what passes as a meal these days.

Footnote - before you ring social services I'd like to confirm that Leo eats healthy and nutritional meals that are ridiculously fresh and pretty delicious.


Anonymous said...

No wonder Leo sleeps so well.

It's the rum.

Amelia said...

Sounds delicious!!
G does not eat balanced meals, and I'm beginning to consider soy fudge ice cream bars acceptable because she'll EAT it so....yeah.