Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A 90% Gamble

My shell broke today.  The veneer split down the middle, splintering like ice across a frozen lake.  We had our 20 week scan at the hospital.  My heart paced, my bladder hurt and my brain was tripping. 

Chris held my arm as we were called in to the ultrasound room.  The sonographer asked me to stand so she could scan my uterus to check that everything was in place post stitch.  My eyes wavered from the monitor screen to the ceiling, moments caught in slow motion.  My uterus was perfectly ok.  I lay down as she squeezed cold jelly onto my raised and hard stomach.  She checked our babies head, limbs, vital organs and spinal cord.  Everything was where it should be and how it should be. 

Background noise, it was Chris asking if it was possible to know the sex of our baby.  My mouth turned into a perfect O and I raised my hand over it.  I was asked to roll onto my side because it was difficult to identify anything between the tiny legs as the magic wand circled over my stomach.  We said it didn't matter, we were just thrilled to hear that everything appeared to be healthy and fine, but she persisted.  After several more minutes we were told that the legs were still tightly closed and the umbilical cord was in the way, but she was 90% certain that we're having a baby boy. 

I shed tears of utter joy and Chris grasped my leg and brushed his hand across his eye.  10 hours later and we're still full of emotion having shared the news with close family and friends.  Happy hearts, happy days - I think Ella would love to know she's having a baby brother and on a day like today that keeps me strong.

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anymommy said...

My shell just cracked for you. With happiness. So much love for you and Chris and your daughter and her gorgeous younger brother.