Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Hairy Wonder

In anticipation of Chris's arrival I've been reminding myself of what he looks like by rummaging through old photos - having not seen him for six weeks a pregnant woman can be forgiven for forgetting she's even married. 

I'm due to meet him at the train station tomorrow morning, but I'm having a slight wobble.  He's been growing a moustache in aid of MO-vember (see earlier posting below) and instead of running towards him with open arms, what if I find myself rooted to the spot having clocked a massively hairy rat resting on his top lip??

For old times sake here he is taking in the view of the White Nile (virtually hairless):

Overlooking the Lake District (sporting a shadow of stubble) - I managed to snap this before getting blown off the summit:

This could be what he looks like tomorrow:

Though come to think of it, I hope he recognises me.  Due to my ever expanding girth he may mistake me for someone else entirely......

Must dash, I've got to shave.

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