Sunday, November 7, 2010

Snapshots caught off the cuff

So I nipped out yesterday afternoon to catch the last of the low lying sunshine, camera in hand.  Passed kids in the skate park pulling all kinds of exotic tricks on boards, bikes and scooters.  I moved quickly to the line of beautiful trees changing colour and shedding their leaves.  Chose the angle, chose the shot.  Shutter didn't click, the battery died and camera switched itself off.  Bugger.  Bugger.  Bugger.

Later this morning I wrapped up as, 'snug as a bug in a rug' and took to the river wall and surrounding paths in an attempt to capture a blustery British Sunday.  Battery well and truly charged and muesli bar stuffed in my pocket I strode out.  I passed kids on swings, a boy kicked a ball that bounced and missed a woman carrying a bright pink bag.  She laughed, he giggled an apology.  A skinny whippet puppy jumped up at my leg.  It was so tiny and as narrow as my finger.  I thought it was a rat!  I bumped into a friend, we hadn't seen one another since a mutual friends wedding over five years ago, but instead it was like yesterday.  We chatted as the clouds darkened and the prospect of rain blew all around us. 

I drew in the cold air as the rain fell and skidded down a muddy path towards a stream full of bulrushes and algae.  I stopped by the river at the place where Ella's ashes were scattered.  I noticed a small white fluffy feather caught in a branch.  A freight train passed close by.  Within the wood the sun broke through the grey sky and lit up the surrounding flora and fauna.  A man drove past, hunched over his steering wheel drinking what I can only guess was a mug of tea.  The house boats shone and the river twinkled.  People were out sailing on the high tide and children stood throwing pieces of old bread at the gathering swans and seagulls.

A woman told her son, as he sat in his buggy kicking off his wellington boots, 'enough!  Just you keep those boots on or else you'll go barefoot!!'  The caravan serving delicious greasy breakfasts was packed with hungry walkers and a dog was tied to a post outside.  A man was painting the hull of his boat navy blue, cigarette hanging from his mouth and a cup of something hot in his other hand.  And lastly as I approached the Tide Mill a woman was resting, stretched along a bench, catching the warmth of the sunshine.  She looked serene and seemed to capture the feeling of the day. 

Happiness - a pocket of sun on a bloody cold day :)

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Carole said...

Lovely , lovely Georgie .
You're right about shafts of sunlight in a UK early winter .
Hang on in there --- you're doing well and Chris will be over soon .