Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Protecting, loving, nurturing, dreaming.  Dreaming of the future and never forgetting the past.

I'm holding on to the precious life growing inside of me. 

Our future is there ahead of us, over that crippling moutain pass and across that wide expanse of savanah.  We've struggled before and we've been beaten before, broken to our knees. 

Precious babies, precious life, precious moments. 

What sign do I need that we'll succeed?  None. I don't want one, not this time.  It's fate I fear and I'm trying not to tempt her.

So put down your crystal ball, put down your pack of Tarot cards and put down your all seeing eye.

I know you're right there Chris.  Yours is the hand I hold and pure hope will pull us through.

Just hang on tightly and breathe in the below.


anymommy said...

Shut the front door. Look at your gorgeous self. We'll all hate you if you keep showing off your fit perfect pregnant bod. XO. Love you.

G said...

You are too damn kind to me! Today I'm looking like I've swallowed a whale. I chucked a pair of jeans across the room as I couldn't get them beyond my knees.....