Monday, December 6, 2010

Fog, planes and names

This evening I crept home from work like a little old lady hunched over the steering wheel. 

The fog was nuts - I couldn't find the fog light switch (not my car, but one I'm fortunate enough to be able to borrow whilst back in the UK) and the radio was loud.  I forgot to dim my headlights, work had annoyed me, my gloves stank of de-icer fluid (which is basically neat horse piss) and I had a million things whirring around my head until baby flicked my tummy.  Instantly I was reminded that there were two of us in the baked bean tin of a vehicle and I immediately slowed to a speed verging on ridiculous.  For the next 25 minutes I forgot to exhale.  It's crazy how we suddenly change our habits once there's a life growing from within -any other time I'd have flung the car into the icy corners and pulled a few handbrake turns ;)

And just now Chris rang from Heathrow's terminal four.  He'll be taking off in 30 minutes and my heart hurts a little at the space he's left behind.  We chatted about the weather, my frustrating day at ruddy work, the last couple of days he's spent in London, his luggage allowance on Kenyan Airways, duty free and the fact that we aren't going to see one another until next year.  Next year.... it sounds so far away, but it's only around the corner.  He's due to fly back into the UK on the 26th January 2011 and by then I shall look like I've eaten a sofa.  I could hear the lady on the annoying tannoy calling passengers into the departure lounge and he had to go, but before signing off I whispered a name for our baby that has played on my mind.....he really likes it and will hold it close, though we both know it could change, just like this crazy weather!

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