Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zero 7

I'm typing this whilst hunkered down in my warm and cosy bed - what a lazy, lazy Sunday morning.  I've dared to take a peek outside and the snow that fell during the night has covered everything in a crunchy white blanket.  It's the type of day where should you dare to venture outside your breath will cut you in two.  I ain't moving! 

I can feel my baby circling and the movements of tiny whirling fists and toes that push against the wall of my womb are more obvious now.  A deep comfort I haven't allowed myself to feel for a long time washes over me, everything feels good - though I know I'm not 'out of the woods yet' as my consultant and midwife recently reminded me due to my past history.  To relax even more I'm listening to Zero 7 on the mp3 player and am on the verge of heavy dozing :)

Chris and I got the album, Simple Things, when were were travelling through Thailand years ago.  It's one of our favourites.  The songs are beautiful and always manage to tip us back to those wayward years of barefoot travel.  For me it's swinging in hammocks strung between palms, lying on a beach as the sun dries you off, recovering from new years eve in a wicker chair on a veranda overlooking the ocean and deciding you're going to conquer the world together at a bar that's actually a VW camper van on Koh San road. 

Baby and me are just fine and with a head full of dreams we're about to rock gently back to sleep.....zzzzzz 

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