Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Raisin' The Roof

Not often one to be lost for words, last night happened to be an exception. 

I logged onto my email account and saw that Chris had sent some photos from the weekend he'd spent in Murchison.  He caught up with everyone on site and went over the projects that had been done in his absence whilst he was visiting me here in the UK.

The thatch roof for the bar is going on and the shower and toilet block are nearly dry enough for painting.  I cannot believe the ideas we had and the drawings we made on paper are finally beginning to take shape through bricks, mortar and sheer hard work. 

As I take my woolly hat off to my husband and the men working with him (who are nothing short of champions) let me share some of the shots with you.

The entrance to the campsite shower/toilet block

 A side view of above block - well ventilated and with loads of light

Raisin' the roof, this shot took my breath away

Bricks, thatch and green trees (the rains have fallen considerably)

It is literally man's work - and a very brave one at that

The fire pit looking out onto the River Nile

And although I'd made it known that on no account could the Baobab Tree that was in our garden in Jinja be moved (we bought it from a tree nursery in Mombasa 4 years ago).  Being out of sight means I'm clearly out of mind...  Chris has dug it up and transported it to the edge of Murchison National Park.

For once I'm not going to mention it.  If he can pull off (let alone put on) a roof that big, he can pretty much do anything he likes right now - though don't quote me on that as tomorrow's another day ;)

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