Monday, December 13, 2010

Lucky 13

Ella was born on the 4th September 2008, although December 13th 2008 was her actual due date. 

Lucky thirteen, Chris and I married on the 13th March 2004. 

On the 13th December 2008 we scattered the rest of her ashes and planted trees on our land in Uganda by the river Nile - perhaps she made it past Cairo and into the Mediterranean?  I'd like to think so. 

This time last year I was in England and in the early morning I walked to the place on the river Deben, where in November 2008 before we flew to Uganda, we marked her memory by scattering half her ashes across the wintry tide.

Again this year, and on the 13th date, I find myself in England once more.  I look carefully and see her in the places that I walk, in the air that I breathe and in the person I am. 

Today I shall remember her deeply and be thankful for her tiny being and  how it gave Chris and I the courage to face the world head on and eventually change the course of our life to where we are now. 

It's with that knowledge I hold her miracle of a brother ever closer to me.

Chris and I scattering Ella's ashes at the water's edge in Uganda on the 13th December 2008

Kya and I throwing cosmos flower seeds onto the ground 

Planting of the potato tree

The fan palm gets planted

Kya helping to dig a hole for the flamboyant tree

The innocence and beauty of our god daughter standing where the last of Ella's ashes were scattered, at the base of the flamboyant tree

I see you baby, and on a day like today Kya you make me fly

The flamboyant tree as she stands now, growing strong and proud

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And I'm doing the same, from the other side of the world.