Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A time for festive cheer

Bloody Hell!  Having not been in the UK for Christmas since I don't know when, today I was reminded why.  My sister and I have just crashed through the front door, we've been present shopping for the family, or to rephrase that, she accompanied me on a gift finding mission.  Always one to leave it to the last minute I haven't let the side down, but after today, Never.  Ever.  Again.  The world is mad for the festive stuff.  People are rude.  The streets are full.  Everyone was jostling for gifts and I nearly lost the will to live.

But, low and behold Waterstones (the book specialist) came up trumps and I managed to swipe my credit card with umpteen purchases thrown into a bag, including a Tin Tin book for my brother-in-law who I'm assured loves the classics......!  Abby later bought me some beauty looking tights for an outfit I'm hoping to wear this evening as I shimmy off for dinner with the girls - I panicked at the thought of dragging my sorry, saggy, arse halfway across town to buy such a simple item, so she threw caution to the wind and got me some I'd never have dared buy. 

We warmed our freezing hands on take-away hot chocolates from Costa and made our way to the car full of shopping smugness.  On the journey back we laughed like a couple of old drains and spoke of the morning appointment I'd had at the hospital which Abby attended with me.  She was brilliant, really calming and recognised several of the nurses who she'd seen whilst pregnant with Rory.  She came into the room with me as my cervix and tummy were scanned and the baby was measured.

I had it 100% confirmed that I'm expecting a baby boy which thrilled me to the core and we watched in wonderment as he flexed his hands and bucked his tiny legs.  Abby had a tear in her eye and tweaked my ankle - she also told a few rubbish jokes and said my boots looked enormous as I lay perched on the bed like Gulliver! I gave a urine sample that covered most of my hand and spoke with the consultant who advised me to return in 2 weeks for another cervix scan and to have a steroid jab.  This jab will assist with the development of the baby's lungs - all the signs are currently looking good at 24 weeks, but she wants to make sure we're prepared in case I go into premature labour before 30 weeks. 

Over the last few days I've ummmed and ahhhhed about the flu jab which is being recommended for the elderly and pregnant woman so I asked my consultant's opinion. She wholeheartedly advised me to have it, so before we got home I stopped at my local clinic and they've given me a vaccine appointment for Friday.  The side affects could wipe me out for Christmas, or I could sail on through.  Of course it's a risk, but by not having it I've more to loose.  And this is certainly something I was made aware of when shopping today - everyone seems to have the flu of swine, or they have manners of one.  Either way it's not a good look!

With that in mind I'm off to get ready for my night on the town, snazzy tights n' all (including a set of really lovely undies).  Do please note I will be wearing more than just those garments tonight! 

Festive cheer everyone :) X

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